5 things I want to see in upcoming OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6, without much more questions in my mind, is one of the best phones of the year.

On paper, it matches most of the 2018 flagship, but aggressive pricing creates a larger value than most of its competition.

Still, there are several ways that oneplus 6 can be improved if the company sticks to its mid-generation “T” refresh, and I’ve made a decent list of all the things I want to see in, OnePlus 6T.

In comparison, it is very difficult to recommend that someone will pick pixel 2, and it is my attitude towards all the summer.

I think if you are completely firm to keep the latest device, the fact is that in the next year a new model will be tied to the ground, but I think it is a minor minor complaint.

Although you feel about it, the next OnePlus phone is on the way, let’s look at the things that I want to see, pie-in-the-sky from hope to nitpicks, and maybe even some realistic expectations.

A real IP rating

We have been told that OnePlus 6 is good for “everyday use” and “splash-resistant”, with some uncertain general waterproof, but it does not play any official IP rating.

This is in spite of the gaskets and seals found in the entire device in the turndown.

At this point, a warranty-backed IP rating is a tough requirement for a major phone, because every other major manufacturer has started doing this.

OnePlus 6 was able to slide at least with objection on the plus, but with the company’s rising prices, those days are over.

If 6T does not have a valid IP rating, then it will be a very significant negative deficit.

Improved fingerprint sensor

Both David and I have seen that fingerprint sensor does not work quite well on OnePlus 6, as well as works on OnePlus5T, or many other recent phones.

Once every time, for any sensible reason, it only decides to reject the touch of our love for some efforts.

Although this is usually not a concern for me because I have set the camera-based login method to use, it is worth noting if it fails.

Based on what I’ve heard from others with the phone, this is a somewhat common complaint, and I really like it that OnePlus can put a better fingerprint sensor on its next phone or any issue currently Can affect.

A better Notch

In my opinion, nothing is wrong with the notch of OnePlus 6.

Like the title of Ryan’s review for phone or David’s editorial at the beginning of this year, I think this is one of the best notches of Android flagship (so far).

It’s the smallest there, and OnePlus also offers to hide it in software if it’s something that bothers you.

But there is nothing that says that it can not be done better, and OPPO’s R17 – has been accused of being the basis for the future OnePlus 6T – is a beautiful slim.

If we are going to be a little distracted by a gap at the top of our screen, then I would like it to be as small as possible.

Either way, in 2018 industrial design has indicated that there notches are at least to stay for the near future.

Better Camera

When it comes to OnePlus Phone, it is probably the most common single complaint: Camera performance is always weak compared to other flagship.

While OnePlus 6 has taken some important steps in relation to the 5th and 5th, even after recommending it on the old pixels (or even Nexus 5X / 6P) for photos.

When it comes to low light performance, then OnePlus 6 is still a little bit of a slatch.

The secondary camera artificial “picture” has been wasted much on parallax for Bokeh, and on a crop, the exact details are still being processed highly in the oil painted mash.

It’s a perfectly “OK” camera, but okay, when OnePlus is crawling the price of more than $ 500, all right, especially when an old pixel beats it well for $ 200.

And if secondary sensor will not be used for anything other than Bokeh, just take it out and invest in a better sensor or better processing, the difference in oneplus.

He offers us something useful like telephoto or wide-angle.

Better Adaptive Brightness

In the related request, the adaptive brightness sensitivity at OnePlus 6 is very minor.

This is a little gossip (I said I was going to nitpick), but in unconscious light, the phone can not decide how brightness resides, and it always looks very bright or very bright.

After a while it gets a bit upset.

I do not know what is the reason for strange behavior, or if a better quality ambient light sensor or better hysteresis can make for a more advanced experience, but I really want to adapt the adaptive shine to something that I safely ignored I can do whatever I often bother with instead of bothering them.