9to5Mac leaked First Image of iPhone XS

First Image of iPhone XS

First of all, we learned that Apple will hold an iPhone launch event on September 12, in the form of a rumor, Apple had invited the media to participate in the press conference a few hours ago.

And then, the marketing images of iPhone Xs that Apple has in some way left open, making its way online.

The same was true for marketing images featuring Apple Watch Series 4.

The picture leaked by website 9to5Mac is considered as the first picture of a new Apple phone.

If the photo is authentic, then the rumors of the big screen version of the iPhone X will be accepted and that gold will be presented as a color.

Leaked iPhone XS image shows two OLED iPhone X successors, in which the gold version contains 5.8 inches and 6.5 inch models.

From its nature, Apple has portrayed the stainless steel frame.

The new iPhone also has a new new wallpaper, which we expect from every new iPhone release.

But you do not have to wait for the last version of iOS 12 to get the new wallpapers, because you can immediately download one of the above image.


IOS 12 can include more wallpapers, but we have to wait for the apple to release the final build.

It should be after the press event on September 12, but before the iPhone X pre-order (September 14) should be closed.

It is unclear whether there is any relation between wallpaper and any new iPhone Xs feature.

9to5Mac says that the wallpaper shows Jupiter, but a reader has proposed that we are actually looking at “Thin film interference on the surface of soap bubble” rather than Jupiter, by which anyone else is wondering if it is a sign Photography that will support the new iPhone macro

Your guess is as good as mine, but we all hope to give new camera moves to the new iPhone.

That is what Apple is doing with every new iPhone release.

After all, the smartphone is the most commonly used camera nowadays.