Aretha Franklin’s funeral take place at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit

Aretha Franklin’s funeral

The funeral of Aretha Franklin who died on August 16th, after the fight against pancreatic cancer at the age of 76, will be held in the Great Grace Temple in Detroit.

On Friday morning, Franklin’s open casket was placed in front of the church because the mourners were already mourning for the service. The words that were projected on the walls were the words “a celebration fit for the queen”.

Franklin’s body was prepared in gold.

In church lobby, floral arrangements including some of Franklin’s most famous friends, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross, congratulated the attendees.

Outside, dozens of Pink Cadillac owners worked together to pay their respect, underlining the road before Franklin’s funeral.

The tribute was pointing to Franklin’s 1985 hit “Freeway of Love” in which he sang, “We are going on the Freeway of Love in our Pink Cadillac”.

There is a musical tribute to many artists, including Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill, Arena Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia and Jennifer Holiday.

An empty comment from former President Bill Clinton, Detroit Mayor Mike Dugan, Michigan Gove. Rick Snyder and Rev. Jesse Jackson reflects the political and social impact of Franklin.

She was standing on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement, where her music consistently acted as a song.

Robinson said, “Aretha was my child.”

“We were quieting all our lives, and we remained in touch, and we talked till he was not able to do that a few weeks ago.”

Owens said that Franklin had a lot of love and was the parents of the family.

Owens said, “We have not really got the opportunity to keep a personal moment.”

“I know that the world has lost the ‘queen’, but her sons have lost her mother, her nieces and nephews have lost her aunt … … we lost a family member and we In fact, we did not get the chance to come together as a group, we lost the person who loved us so much and was so loyal towards us. ”

Owens said, “After this is over, it will be very difficult and people have gone all out.”