Scientists feel that Black Holes can bring back to life as ‘zombies’

Black Holes can bring back to life as 'zombies'

What happens when a star dies? When most stars end their excessive supply of energy, they enter a state where they become white dwarves.

These dead stars are no longer able to produce fusion reactions. They are incredibly dense, but they only highlight some amount of light due to inner energy.

The stars of ultra-dense light of stars were wasted in the old existence for a long time, who were patiently waiting to be separated from any other divine body.

Now, the researchers have found that near a white dwarf, there may still be a chance of life, but only when there is a meeting with a black hole.

Research, which was published in the Astrophysical Journal (PDF), explains that physics allows the dead dwarf to experience a brief moment of life for some long time.

These “zombie” stars are only awakened if they have to suck close to the intermediate mass black hole.

Under the sharp stretch of the right-sized black hole, the dead star can return to life.

The pressure inside the star is being yanked by the black hole, it can once again be sufficient for fusion at the origin of the white dwarf, which gives it a few moments of life.

This would be possible only if the black hole was the correct mass.

The supermassive black holes will probably tear to the dead star and small black holes will not be able to produce the conditions under which a fusion reaction can resume.

But if white dwarf and black hole are the perfect match, then a zombie star can emerge from its stellar tomb for its last flash.

It is important to note that these conditions are completely theoretical, and in fact no one has seen a dead star awake.

Nevertheless, as the scientists do not observe occasionally seen events in outer space, it can not be real before being seen as something real.