Oriana Sabatini married with Paulo Dybala in Argentina?

Oriana Sabatini married with Paulo Dybala in Argentina

A lot has happened since Oriana Sabatini and Paulo Dybala were suspiciously followed and some likes were shown on Instagram , telling the media that it was just that.

Not only confirmed the relationship a few months ago, but the singer and actress traveled with the footballer to Italy to live for a few weeks.

Back in Argentina, the media did not miss the opportunity to ask Ori what is the status of the relationship, how were those days together and what absolutely we all have thought …

Is there a wedding ?!

When asked if he had planned to move permanently to Europe, since Paulo is based in Italy for playing at Juventus , Ori told Los Angeles of Tomorrow : “No, I would never leave everything, I would always have my things because I think it’s what makes you good.

The daughter of Catherine Fulop made it clear that she will not abandon her career because of love, because “I’m going to do that all my life”. However, he knows the risks: “It is good for the soul to have its things, although a relationship at a distance implies priorities, but as long as there is love, there is no problem”.

He added: “Just step by step, I do not want to rush in. It’s a relationship that I appreciate and I love a lot, and I want it to work so I do not want to make any hasty or hasty decisions.”

As for the “next step”, he said there were no plans, because they are “little ones”.