‘Evil’ Nebraska star sent me video of my own rape: ex-girlfriend

A star football player for the University of Nebraska is facing “revenge porn” charges in connection to a video that he allegedly sent to his ex-girlfriend — which showed her being sexually assaulted by two of his former classmates when she was just 15.

“Remember this,” asked running back Maurice Washington III, according to court records obtained by NBC Bay Area.

The California native allegedly sent the message in text, along with the video, sometime last year.

“I tried so hard to forget it, and then to have someone just throw it back in my face like that and taunt me with it was just so evil,” the victim, Taylor, told NBC under the condition that they only use her first name. “Maybe that’s the wrong word to use, but I felt like it was evil, like why would you ever want somebody to feel that pain that I felt that day?”

Washington — a four-star recruit who averaged nearly 6 yards per carry last year as a freshman — allegedly dated the victim while they were in high school and later obtained the video sometime after it was filmed in 2016, according to court records.

He is only accused of sending the footage, not recording it or or taking part in the assault.

Authorities hit Washington with a felony charge of distribution of child pornography on Monday under California’s relatively new “revenge porn” law — which went into effect in 2014.

Anyone who is found to have intentionally shared pornographic images of another person, while understanding that they were supposed to be confidential — and with the intent of causing emotional harm — can be charged with “revenge porn.”

Washington is reportedly the second person to be arrested in connection to the assault video.

One of the two classmates who allegedly took part in the attack was busted in 2016 and placed on probation for distribution of child pornography after cops discovered that he had been sending clips to classmates.

“I was just like, ‘Oh my God, everyone thinks I made a sex tape, everyone thinks that I’m some freak who wanted to have sex on video camera and send it to my school,’” Taylor explained. “I’m 15 years old, how could you believe that?”

She told NBC that the assault happened inside of a car that the teens were driving. They had allegedly promised to take her to get something to eat.

“They’re driving this way, and I’m like, ‘Jack in the Box is back that way,’” Taylor explained. “And I said that probably 30 times to them, and eventually they pulled over at this park, with houses on the left hand side, and they’re like, ‘We’re going to have a threesome.’ That’s when they started to rape me.”

Taylor said that at some point during the assault, the teens “took a video” that she “had no idea about.” She’s been “struggling” with what happened that day ever since.

“A lot of ups and downs,” said her father, Brian. “Way more downs than ups.”

Taylor told NBC that she didn’t report the incident as a rape at the time because she felt embarrassed.

“I was depressed,” she said. “I started using drugs and alcohol, my grades plummeted, I stopped playing softball…I wasn’t happy anymore.”

Then in 2018, she got the message from Washington — just days after reaching out on social media to congratulate him on his scholarship to Nebraska, according to court papers.

“Getting the video was kind of like why are we going back here?” said Taylor’s dad. “I was angry, I mean this guy has no place in her life and I realize that she may have reached out to him but why would you want to punish somebody?”

The family reported Washington to authorities soon-after and he was arrested following a local investigation. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department said it took them months just to get to talk to the star athlete

His lawyer denied the allegations against him on Monday in a statement to NBC.