Meet the finance fraudster who blew the lid off the college admissions scandal

The financial executive who tipped off feds to the massive college admissions scam in exchange for leniency on an unrelated matter was identified in a report Thursday as Morrie Tobin.

Tobin, of Los Angeles, was being eyed by investigators in an alleged pump-and-dump scheme when he offered up a tip that turned into a sweeping probe that resulted Tuesday in 50 people being charged across the country, according to The Wall Street Journal.

In exchange for prosecutors taking it easy on him, Tobin, a Yale grad, told investigators that the head soccer coach at the Ivy had asked him for a bribe to get his daughter into the prestigious school, the report said.

Tobin wore a wire to a meeting with the coach, Rudy Meredith, in a Boston hotel room in 2018, getting Meredith to spell out the arrangement in no uncertain terms, according to the report.

That evidence helped bring down the coast-to-coast cash-for-admissions scam masterminded by California-based college-prep expert William “Rick” Singer.

Tobin was not charged in that case, and is awaiting sentencing after taking a plea deal in his securities fraud case, according to The Journal.

His lawyer declined to comment for that story.