Steve King couldn’t answer question about ‘white society’ being ‘superior’

Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King — who has a history of making racially inflammatory comments — couldn’t come up with an answer when asked whether “a white society is superior to a nonwhite society” during a town hall meeting in the Hawkeye State.

“I don’t have an answer for that. That’s so hypothetical,” King said Tuesday night in Algona, population 5,468, according to multiple media reports.

But King, who represents a conservative district north of Des Moines, also acknowledged that the US was and always had been a diverse nation.

“I’ll say this, America is not a white society. It’s never been a completely white society. We came here and joined the Native Americans, who were here in many times numbers greater than ours,” he continued.

He also said that a baby born anywhere in the world could come to the US and be an American.

“I’ve long said that a baby can be lifted out of a cradle anywhere in the world and brought into any home in America, whatever the color of the folks in that household, and they can be raised to be American as any other,” King said.

GOP leadership stripped King of his committee assignments in January after questioning why the term “white nationalist” should be considered offensive.