Trump says Benjamin Netanyahu will pay the White House a visit

Team Trump announced Wednesday that embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would pay a short visit to the White House next week prior to elections in Israel early next month.

President Trump will welcome Netanyahu on Monday and Tuesday, according to the press secretary’s announcement.

Trump and the PM will discuss the Middle East during a working meeting on Monday, and the President will also host Netanyahu for dinner on Tuesday.

Also Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sought to bolster a united front against Iran during a Middle East tour that will include talks with Netanyahu ahead of the April 9 Israeli elections.

Both Pompeo’s visit and the White House trip were seen as efforts to give Netanyahu a boost — a view Pompeo dismissed.

“I’m going to Israel because of the important relationship we have,” Pompeo said. “Leaders will change in both countries over time. That relationship matters no matter who the leaders are.”

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