Sri Lankan government misidentifies Maryland woman as terror suspect

A Maryland woman who once wrote a book decrying anti-Muslim bias was mistakenly identified by the Sri Lankan government as a suspect in that country’s Easter suicide bombings that left hundreds dead.

“I have this morning been FALSELY identified by the Sri Lankan government as one of the ISIS Easter attackers in Sri Lanka,” wrote Amara Majeed in a Thursday post on Facebook. “What a thing to wake up to!”

Sri Lankan police had blasted out a photo of the Baltimore-born Majeed, identifying her as Abdul Cader Fathima Qadiya, one of six suspects they are still actively seeking in the wake of the bombings, according to the country’s Sunday Times newspaper.

“This is obviously completely false and frankly, considering that Muslim communities are already greatly afflicted with issues of surveillance, I don’t need more false accusations and scrutiny,” wrote Majeed, the daughter of Sri Lankan immigrants, after word of the mix-up reached her.

“Please stop implicating and associating me with these horrific attacks,” she wrote, addressing her mother country’s government. “And next time, be more diligent about releasing such information that has the potential to deeply violate someone’s family and community.”

Sheepish Sri Lankan police yanked the photo from their Web site and social media, and issued a clarification after learning of the mistake.

Majeed is the author of “The Foreigners,” a book written to debunk stereotypes of Muslims, and once had her open letter to President Trump regarding his administration’s treatment of the Islamic community published in Seventeen.