Kevin Durant justifies his social media behavior: ‘I’m sticking to something I know’

Kevin Durant isn’t going to stop getting into Twitter fights anytime soon.

After yet another instance in which Durant punched downward online, responding to both Chris Broussard and a random Twitter user when called out online, Durant defended his approach to reporters.

Why does he feel it’s justified?

“Because I have a social media,” Durant told media in his first availability since sustaining an injury that will keep him out of at least Game 1 of the NBA Finals. “I’m a human being with a social media account.”

That might be the same logic employed by the people who spend their time provoking Durant online. Still, Durant feels his basketball acumen qualifies him to answer.

“I could see if I ventured off to politics or to culinary arts or music and gave my input, but I’m sticking to something I know,” Durant said. “… I’m qualified to talk about basketball. So when I respond to something, especially if it’s about me, personally, of course I’m gonna tell you if you’re wrong about it.”

The question at hand, of course, isn’t whether Durant is qualified to talk about basketball, but whether he should be getting into arguments with completely random people on the internet.

As long as that’s not how Durant sees it though, we could offer him the suggestion of using the mute function.