Woman armed with two machetes allegedly threatened to kill owner at ax-throwing bar

She shouldn’t have “axed.”

A homeless woman with a machete in each hand made the mistake of her life when she sidled into an ax-throwing bar in St. Petersburg — asked for one of their weapons — and was quickly shown the door by dozens of hatchet-wielding Floridians.

The woman, identified by police as Victoria Morley, calmly walked into an outdoor ax-throwing gin mill called St. Pete Axe & Ale on Friday night and asked owner Michelle Simpson if she was the person to see about getting her hands on an ax.

“I didn’t even see her until she was right in front of me,” Simpson told The Post on Wednesday. “She had machetes in each hand and they had ropes on each handle. She was holding them at her side as she walked through the crowd.”

Simpson, stunned by what she saw, then asked Morley, 54, to put down the weapons as up to 40 other customers milled about the bar near Tropicana Field, she said.

“You can’t be here with those,” Simpson recalled telling Morley, telling her she needed to leave pronto.

That prompted Morley to walk away, but one customer at the bar then jokingly asked her to cut his sandwich with one of machetes, setting her off, Simpson said.

“She then put the blades together and held them up over her hand and claimed she killed over 100 people with these,” Simpson continued.

Morley — a homeless woman who also uses the name Sheryl Baula, according to an arrest report obtained by the Tampa Bay Times — then threatened to kill Simpson if she followed her out of the bar.

“She said, ‘If you f–king follow me, I’m going to kill you,’” Simpson said, adding that she made sure to stay 6 feet away from Morley.

Simpson called police as Morley walked toward a parking lot, where she was met by an officer who arrested her on charges of disorderly conduct and violating her probation.

Morley appeared to be under the influence of drugs and had not previously been to the bar, Simpson said. No one was hurt, but the incident could have ended much differently, she said.

“Everything about it was just a little kooky,” Simpson said. “She knew enough to come ask about the axes, but we can kind of chuckle about it now because it just seems so bizarre. It was, unfortunately, one of those Florida stories.”

Morley later pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct and was released after posting $500 bail, the Tampa Bay Times reports. She could not be reached for comment Wednesday.