About Us

Welcome to Week Facts

Technology is just technology. It’s what you do with it that matters. We try in our unique way to discover, create, and deploy applications that will propel our organizations forward and make a real difference in the way people access news, work, live, play and learn.

weekfacts.com is an online news aggregation website whose major aim is to collate and organize News Items we believe are of interest to our users, focusing to Nigerians based locally and in the Diaspora.

weekfacts.com is owned and operated by Cyclofoss Technologies Limited, a Start-Up company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is supported and funded by a group of international investors.

Latest World News source news items from various sources including major world Newspapers like The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Daily Sun Newspaper, The New York Times, Daily Independent, The Times of India, The Sydney Morning Herald, etc and other numerous sources.

The goal of Week Facts is to give you the absolute best news sources for any topic! Our topics are carefully curated and constantly updated as we know the web moves fast so we try to as well.

One of the features we are currently testing is to have our editors source the most important news stories of the day for a topic along with the conversation. We do that with a link to the story and below with our favorite comments or conversations from sources like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Youtube.

Who created Week Facts?

Week Facts was originally created by George Orwell, Jules Verne. They are no longer part of the site but we appreciate what they built and hope to continue their vision of answering the question: “What’s happening?” in “all the topics” that interest you.