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Raging bull breaks camera on Season 2 of ‘Yellowstone’

The biggest surprise of last summer’s TV season was the success of Paramount’s “Yellowstone.” Taylor Sheridan’s (“Hell or High Water”) throwback to the bygone age of westerns drew an audience of 5 million viewers per week, proving that rugged family dramas never go out of style if you have the right star attached. Kevin Costner’s […]

‘Wild Rose’ is the rare rising star tale that blooms without melodrama

“Who’s ever heard of a country singer from Glasgow?” So says Rose-Lynn (Jessie Buckley, “Chernobyl”) of herself, despairingly, in “Wild Rose,” a unique and gritty spin on the rising-star genre. Singer/actor Buckley, a former BBC talent-show competitor who can belt them out to rival Lady Gaga, plays a fiery Scottish ex-con and single mother of […]

Women slowly taking on more leading roles in entertainment

Female filmmakers are seeing more representation in Hollywood’s less mainstream corners. Women are writing, directing and producing more independent films than ever, but they’re still getting less work than their male counterparts. Women are making strides as directors (they directed 33 percent of independent films between 2018 and 2019, up from 29 percent); writers (32 […]

Did ‘Murder Mystery’ really just break a Netflix ratings record?

After years of declining to get specific about numbers, Netflix is finally clueing the public in. The streaming behemoth wants you to know its new comedy caper “Murder Mystery” is a big hit. Netflix’s de facto PR Twitter account, @NetflixisaJoke, released a big “ADAM SANDLER AND JENNIFER ANISTON BREAKING NEWS ALERT” Tuesday night. The tweet […]

Eddie Murphy takes surprise ride on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is revving up for its 11th season, and among its guests is someone surprising: Eddie Murphy. The former “Saturday Night Live” and “Beverly Hills Cop” star has been reclusive in recent years, rarely doing interviews aside from a David Letterman appearance here and there. But he’ll be on the new […]

This bikini makes it look like you’re giving yourself a hand

This sexy bikini is quite the tease. Brazilian designer Adriana Degreas sells a swimsuit style that grabs more than one’s attention. Dubbed the “Hands Strapless Bikini,” the playful design features a sheer tulle bandeau top, with a red manicured hand applique that covers the wearer’s cleavage, and a matching cherry bottom. (Note: The label stocks…

Heavy metal band Slipknot now has its own branded whiskies

Heavy metal band Slipknot is expanding into the liquor industry. The insanely popular group, known for its aggressive style of music, high-energy concerts and scary masks, is set to launch its own range of branded American whiskies on Aug. 10. The spirit will be called “No 9. Iowa Whiskey,” the product of a collaboration between […]

Streaming service VidAngel ordered to pay $62.4M for pirating movies

A federal jury in Los Angeles on Monday ordered movie streaming service VidAngel — known for removing the curses and nudity from films — to pay $62.4 million to Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. for ripping off their content, according to reports. U.S. District Judge Andre Birotte had already ruled VidAngel’s service was illegal, letting […]

‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ is back — but don’t call it a ‘freak show’

Bruce Campbell has encountered many oddities during his colorful career, so he’s the perfect choice to carry the torch for “Ripley’s Believe it or Not.” Best known for the “Evil Dead” franchise and USA’s “Burn Notice” — not to mention his bestselling autobiography “If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor” — he is […]

Debra Messing is returning to Broadway to light ‘Birthday Candles’

Theatergoers can watch Debra Messing age before their eyes next spring. In Noah Haidle’s new play, “Birthday Candles,” the star of “Will & Grace” — both past and rebooted — starts off as 17-year-old Ernestine Ashworth, who spends an angsty birthday worrying about her place in the universe. The birthdays mount up, along with the […]

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