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My ‘tailored’ DNA profile said to eat vegetables, avoid fast food

NEW YORK — Avoid fast food, eat vegetables and exercise. It sounds like generic health advice, but they’re tips supposedly tailored to my DNA profile. The suggestions come from 23andme, one of the companies offering to point you toward the optimal eating and exercise habits for your genetics. As with most dieting schemes, the idea […]

Do blue-light-blocking glasses really work?

These geeky-looking specs are taking over the wellness world — but do they really work? Blue-light-blocking glasses promise to filter out the brain-stimulating blue rays emitting from your laptop, phone or TV screen — thereby reducing headaches, dry eyes and fatigue. It seems like a great fix to a massive problem: A 2018 Nielsen report […]

Unvaccinated US kids in Costa Rica test positive for measles

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health confirmed on Thursday positive measles cases in two of four American children who fell ill earlier this month. The ministry tested four children between the ages of 3 and 10 in Cóbano, Puntarenas, who exhibited symptoms of the measles after being treated at a social security clinic in the region. […]

‘Viagra’ energy drink banned in Zambia after customer’s hard time

LUSAKA – Zambia banned an energy drink on Wednesday after it was shown to have been adulterated with the male sex booster Viagra, according to authorities in Ndola, the city where it was manufactured. The prohibition followed a complaint from Zambia’s medicine regulator in December suggesting that the Power Natural High Energy Drink SX had […]

Emotional Emilia Clarke thanks fans for support after aneurysm reveal

Emilia Clarke is overwhelmed by the response she’s received to the letter she wrote detailing her secret battle with two aneurysms. The “Game of Thrones” star, 32, posted an emotional video to Instagram on Friday thanking fans for their heartfelt messages. “I had to put a video up to say thank you,” a teary-eyed Clarke […]

Woman nearly dies after injecting herself with fruit juice

A woman in China reportedly almost died after she injected herself with fruit juice. The 51-year-old woman had made a juice of 20 different fruits and intravenously injected the concoction in an attempt to be healthy, the BBC reported. However, she sustained damage to her liver, kidney, heart and lungs and spent five days in […]

Healthy food prescriptions could save billions in health care costs

Prescriptions for healthy foods could help lower the risk of expensive chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease and diabetes in Medicare and Medicaid patients, a new study suggests. Researchers used computer models to calculate that prescribing healthy food to patients could prevent as many as 3.28 million medical conditions such as heart attacks and strokes and […]

Jamie-Lynn Sigler on her life with multiple sclerosis

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, has penned a candid essay about parenting with the incurable disease. “When I learned I was pregnant with my first son, Beau, six years ago, I was terrified,” Sigler wrote on “All of a sudden, I had to think about how my MS would affect someone else. […]

Daily aspirin might not prevent heart attacks, new study warns

This may be a tough pill for many people to swallow. After decades of recommending that men over 50 and women over 60 take a low-dose aspirin to prevent heart attacks and stroke, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association scrapped that popular prescription on Sunday. Aspirin has been proven to prevent […]

Apple releases results from it’s largest irregular heartbeat study

Imperfect but still promising. That’s been the takeaway so far from observers noting the results of Apple’s massive irregular heartbeat study, an analysis in which more than 419,000 Apple Watch users participated — and which detected signs of an irregular heartbeat, the kind of thing that could eventually lead to a stroke, in around 2,100 […]

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