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The wrong way to ‘improve’ HIV testing

You walk into an emergency room with severe pain. A hospital worker draws your blood. Sometime later, a doctor tells you in the crowded ER that you have HIV. But why? It’s unrelated to what brought you to the hospital, and no one even mentioned that they would be testing you for HIV. This unsettling […]

Obesity surgery benefits may be bigger for teens than adults

Teens who have obesity surgery lose as much weight as those who have the operation as adults and are more likely to have it resolve other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure, a study finds. The results suggest there’s a benefit from not waiting to address obesity. Researchers say longer study is […]

Woman donates kidney to stranger after seeing mom’s plea in car window

A complete stranger saved a young man’s life when she donated her kidney after seeing his mom’s desperate plea. Starr Gardy, who has children of her own, saw the message written on the back of Lashonda Pugh’s car and wanted to help. Lashonda’s 24-year-old son, Daniel Jones, has Alport Syndrome — a genetic condition that […]

Mick Jagger busts a move after heart surgery

The famous Jagger moves are back. Mick Jagger shared a video of himself dancing without skipping a beat on Wednesday just over a month after he had heart surgery. In April, the 75-year-old Rolling Stones frontman underwent a heart valve procedure, where doctors put in a stent to relieve blockage and treat weakened arteries. Less than a […]

Japanese companies want more productive, non-smoking workers

A growing number of Japan-based businesses are taking stronger action to promote health and wellness among employees as well as boost productivity by going as far as hiring non-smokers to new positions, a report says. Yasuhiro Oba, president of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance Inc., said that “combating smoking is a means through which […]

Generic drugs manufactured abroad bring savings and risks

Generic drugs offer US consumers savings over brand medications, but as they are increasingly manufactured overseas, they can also pose dangerous side effects as companies cut corners and even engage in fraud, investigative journalist Katherine Eban told “Fox & Friends” on Monday. Eban, the author of a new book, “Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story […]

AI is now better at predicting mortality than human doctors

As scientists continue to toil away at creating machine learning algorithms that will one day enslave humanity save us all, artificial intelligence researchers have discovered that computers are outpacing human doctors in a number of important areas. We’ve already seen the ability of AI to spot things like cancer and a new study reveals that […]

Washington to offer first ‘public option’ insurance in US

SEATTLE — Washington is set to become the first state to enter the private health insurance market with a universally available public option. A set of tiered public plans will cover standard services and are expected to be up to 10 percent cheaper than comparable private insurance, thanks in part to savings from a cap […]

NY-Presbyterian’s first quintuplets since 1992 are finally home

In February, New York-Presbyterian delivered its first set of quintuplets since 1992. Now after many weeks in intensive care, little ones Thiago, Sebastian, Mathias, Sophia and Montserrat get to spend Mother’s Day at home with mom and dad. “Words will never be enough to show the level of gratitude we feel,” parents Christopher and Arlette […]

Obesity epidemic driven by rural communities, study finds

You don’t need to look far to find some seriously troubling data regarding obesity in the United States and abroad. Waistlines are growing and with them comes increased risks of a myriad of diseases. You could point fingers at a number of possible causes — the prevalence of fast food, inadequate nutrition education in our […]

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