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Maggots found on patient at same Arizona facility where disabled woman allegedly raped

Maggots were discovered crawling on a patient at the same Arizona health facility where a female resident was allegedly raped by a nurse, according to officials. The Department of Health Services announced their plans Friday to revoke Hacienda HealthCare’s license after “several” maggots were discovered on the surgical incision of a 28-year-old male resident, AZ […]

Kid’s eyesight ruined after parents let her play on phone every day for a year

A two-year-old Chinese toddler has developed severe short-sightedness after her parents allowed her to play on a mobile every day for a year. The girl Xiao Man, from the Jiangsu province, was recently diagnosed with severe myopia after her parents took her to see a doctor. The youngster is said to have started watching shows […]

How our desk jobs and smartphone addictions are warping our skeletons

Modern life has us working longer hours than ever and staring at our phones 24/7 — which has dire consequences for our brains and bodies. From crooked teeth to narrower elbows, the way we live today has terrifying consequences for the way we’re built. Here are some of the weirdest ways our bodies have changed, […]

US farmers experimenting with hemp as China trade war drags on

HAYSVILLE, Kansas – A growing number of U.S. farmers battered by low grain prices and the threat of a prolonged trade war with China are seeking salvation in a plant that until recently was illegal: hemp. A cousin of cannabis plants that produce marijuana, hemp is used in products ranging from food to building materials […]

Dozens of children in India die from brain disease linked to lychees

Dozens of children have died in northern India from a deadly brain disease believed to be linked to a toxic substance found in lychee fruit, health officials said. At least 43 children died in the past 10 days at two hospitals in Bihar state’s Muzaffarpur district, which is dotted with lychee orchards that are harvested […]

Hilary Duff’s baby girl in hospital for infected bug bite

Hilary Duff‘s 7-month-old daughter spent the night in the hospital recently because of an infected bug bite. “She’s fine,” the actress told Us Weekly on Wednesday night. “She just had a little bug bite on her face, and it had a little infection.” She said the staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical in Los Angeles “took care […]

Baby left fighting for life when herpes virus attacked his eye

Noah Tindle was just 4 weeks old when his short life was left hanging in the balance. Mom Ashleigh White noticed her son’s right eye had become swollen, blistered and was watering. The 21-year-old sought advice from a visiting nurse, who reassured her it was probably just a blocked tear duct. But days later, in […]

Doctor finds 100 bubble tea pearls in girl’s abdomen: reports

This might burst your affinity for bubble tea. A 14-year-old girl in China who was constipated for nearly a week had an abdominal blockage caused by undigested bubble tea pearls, according to reports. The teen from Zheijiang province in eastern China was sent to a hospital on May 28 by her parents after having stomach […]

Waking up early can make you happier and healthier: study

Late sleepers can reset their internal body clocks to bounce out of bed earlier with a few practical life hacks — which can indeed make them healthy, wealthy and wise. In fact, new international research being published in the journal Sleep Medicine found that making four lifestyle changes each day helped subjects stick with an […]

Mick Jagger says he’s ‘feeling pretty good’ in first post-surgery interview

“I’m feeling pretty good,” Mick Jagger said in his first interview since heart surgery caused him to reschedule the Rolling Stones’ upcoming North American summer tour. On Toronto radio station Q107, Jagger said it’s been business as usual since his operation. “Been rehearsing a lot lately in the last few weeks … This morning [I […]

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