Harvard professor doubles down on interstellar asteroid ‘alien’ theory

A mysterious cigar-shaped space rock that shot suspiciously close to Earth could be an alien spacecraft that broke down on its interstellar journey. That’s according to one prominent space scientist, who says the probe may have been sent by extraterrestrial beings to spy on our planet. Radio scans of Oumuamua, a strange object that flew […]

Fireball spotted in sky above New York

It’s not a bird, plane or Superman. A bright fireball dazzled onlookers from New York to North Carolina when it streaked across the sky early Wednesday morning. More than 190 people reported seeing the gleaming rock between 6:35 a.m. and 6:45 a.m., in seven states on the East Coast, according to the American Meteor Society, […]

Amateur astronomers spot new planet 226 light years away

NASA’s Kepler space telescope is dead. It ran out of fuel back in October of last year, but the incredible wealth of data that it sent back during its life is still being sifted through and new discoveries are just waiting to be made. A timely reminder of that fact comes in the form of […]

Hubble image of nearby galaxy spans 19,400 light years across

Hubble, the trusty space telescope that has been delivering gorgeous views of the cosmos for decades now, just delivered another gift. In a new composite image made up of many individual photos, Hubble shows us the nearby Triangulum galaxy in incredible detail. No, seriously, the final image is so huge that you’d never want to […]

Earth could be flung out of Milky Way in massive galaxy collision

Our solar system has remained largely unchanged for billions of years and it’s likely to remain that way for a long time to come, but that hasn’t stopped astronomers from looking far into the future in an attempt to forecast some major changes happening to our home galaxy, the Milky Way. A new research effort […]

Astronaut accidentally dialed 911 from space station

An astronaut has told how he accidentally rang 911 from space — sending security teams at NASA’s Houston base into a frenzy. André Kuipers missed a number when making a call through headquarters back on Earth — and ended up connecting to US emergency services. The astronomical blunder sparked panic at the Johnson Space Center […]

Side of the moon you can’t see ‘is not dark, it’s just far’

WASHINGTON — Despite the name of Pink Floyd’s best-selling album, the side of the moon you can’t see isn’t always dark. But it is far. So scientists call the area where a Chinese spacecraft just landed the far side, not the dark side. “The other side sees the sun sometimes. The other side is not […]

Scientists believe they’ve found the universe’s missing dark matter

Most of the mass in the universe is made up of a kind of matter that none of us have ever seen. It’s called “dark matter” and, despite being incredibly abundant, it’s also extremely difficult to study. Decades-old calculations suggested that there is more dark matter around younger galaxies than the ancient ones from the […]

NASA: Icy object past Pluto looks like reddish snowman

LAUREL, Md. — A NASA spacecraft 4 billion miles from Earth yielded its first close-up pictures Wednesday of the most distant celestial object ever explored, depicting what looks like a reddish snowman. Ultima Thule, as the small, icy object has been dubbed, was found to consist of two fused-together spheres, one of them three times […]

China makes first-ever landing on ‘dark’ side of the moon

BEIJING — A Chinese spacecraft has made the first-ever landing on the far side of the moon. The official China Central Television says Thursday the lunar explorer Chang’e 4 had touched down at 10:26 a.m. The far side of the moon faces away from Earth and is relatively unexplored. It is also known as the […]

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