Scientists believe they’ve found the universe’s missing dark matter

Most of the mass in the universe is made up of a kind of matter that none of us have ever seen. It’s called “dark matter” and, despite being incredibly abundant, it’s also extremely difficult to study. Decades-old calculations suggested that there is more dark matter around younger galaxies than the ancient ones from the […]

NASA: Icy object past Pluto looks like reddish snowman

LAUREL, Md. — A NASA spacecraft 4 billion miles from Earth yielded its first close-up pictures Wednesday of the most distant celestial object ever explored, depicting what looks like a reddish snowman. Ultima Thule, as the small, icy object has been dubbed, was found to consist of two fused-together spheres, one of them three times […]

China makes first-ever landing on ‘dark’ side of the moon

BEIJING — A Chinese spacecraft has made the first-ever landing on the far side of the moon. The official China Central Television says Thursday the lunar explorer Chang’e 4 had touched down at 10:26 a.m. The far side of the moon faces away from Earth and is relatively unexplored. It is also known as the […]

It’s onward and outward for New Horizons

NASA scientists on Wednesday released the first pictures of Ultima Thule — sent back 4 billion miles by the New Horizons probe. It’s also a glimpse 4.5 billion years back in time, to the origins of the solar system, because the distant planetesimal has almost certainly orbited unchanged in the frozen Kuiper Belt since it […]

NASA spacecraft sets record orbit around asteroid

LAUREL, Md. — A NASA spacecraft has gone into orbit around an ancient asteroid, setting a pair of records. The Osiris-Rex spacecraft entered orbit Monday around the asteroid Bennu, 70 million miles from Earth. It’s the smallest celestial body ever to be orbited by a spacecraft. Bennu is just 1,600 feet across. The spacecraft’s laps […]

Rare ‘super blood moon’ is coming this month

Stargazers will witness a trifecta of lunar events in the New Year — a total lunar eclipse, a super blood moon and a “wolf moon,” a nickname for a full moon that appears in the middle of winter. Millions of people across North and South America and portions of Western Europe and Africa will be able […]

NASA spacecraft survives flyby of most distant object ever explored

NASA rang in 2019 in stellar style by celebrating a successful excursion to the most distant world ever explored — some billion miles beyond Pluto. To a thunderous round of applause on Tuesday, the space agency announced that it received a series of “phone home” signals around10:30 a.m. indicating that New Horizons spacecraft made it […]

China set to land on ‘dark’ side of the moon

Many of us like to start off a new year by doing something special. Often it’s setting a lofty goal we’d like to achieve over the following 12 months. But China’s space agency won’t need to wait nearly that long to place a large feather in its 2019 cap. The Chang’e 4 spacecraft is slated […]

Meet the people who plan to move to Mars in 2032

Boston-based couple Yari and R Daniel Golden-Castaño met on a Facebook group for aspiring Martians, married on a day when the red planet was closest to the Earth — and have signed up to colonize the fourth planet from the sun. “It’s just part of [my] childhood dreams,” said R Daniel, 36, an Army reservist […]

NASA to kick off new year with historic flyby of faraway world

NASA confirmed Friday that it will broadcast back to Earth details of its historic New Year’s Day mission to the farthest world ever explored by humankind, quelling fears that the government shutdown would make that impossible. The agency’s New Horizons spacecraft will zip past a scrawny, icy object nicknamed Ultima Thule — 1 billion miles […]

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