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First UAE astronaut scheduled for lift-off in September

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The first astronaut from the United Arab Emirates will blast off into space on Sept. 25 on a trip to the International Space Station, authorities announced Monday. Either military pilot Hazza al-Mansoori or engineer Sultan al-Neyadi will be the first Emirati in space, part of an ambitious space program for […]

NASA facility named after ‘Hidden Figures’ scientist Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson, the former NASA mathematician whose journey was showcased in the 2016 movie “Hidden Figures,” received a huge gift from the agency that employed her years ago. The Independent Verification and Validation Facility (IV&V) in Fairmont, West Virginia, has been renamed in honor of Johnson — an African-American woman who led a distinguished career […]

NASA captures incredible ‘dragon’ aurora over Iceland

NASA released a spectacular image of a huge “dragon” aurora charging quietly across the night sky over Iceland. The natural phenomenon is caused by particles emanating from the sun that collide with Earth’s atmosphere to put on a gorgeous light show. “Have you ever seen a dragon in the sky? Although real flying dragons don’t […]

First private Israeli mission to the moon will launch this week

RAMAT GAN, Israel — A nonprofit Israeli consortium said Monday that it hopes to make history this week by launching the first private aircraft to land on the moon. SpaceIL and state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries told a news conference that the landing craft — dubbed “Beresheet,” or Genesis — will take off from Florida, propelled […]

New NASA team will be devoted to finding alien life

Calling all aliens: NASA wants you. A new NASA research team will be devoted to finding life beyond Earth launched this week in Silicon Valley and will seek to find concrete answers on how life began on Earth and where it could exist elsewhere. The “Center for Life Detection Science” will be part of NASA’s […]

NASA ends Mars Rover Opportunity’s 15-year exploration

Pete Theisinger, project manager (L) and Jennifer Trosper, Spirit Mission Manager for Surface Operations, react as the first images arrive from the NASA Mars Rover, “Opportunity,” at Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Jan. 25, 2004 in Pasadena, Calif. Bill Ingalls/NASA via Getty Images

NASA’s Opportunity rover is dead after 15 years on Mars

NASA’s indomitable Mars rover Opportunity — which was built to operate for just three months but managed to explore the Red Planet for years and make momentous discoveries, such as finding evidence of past Martian surface water — was declared officially dead Wednesday. It was 15. The space agency announced that the six-wheeled explorer — […]

Mars One claims the mission lives on, despite being broke

Hey, remember that terrible Mars mission startup that just officially died because it totally ran out of money and it wasn’t even close to doing anything meaningful? Well, good(?) news! It’s back and it apparently found someone that’s willing to part with a whole heap of cash to fund its ongoing existence. In a new […]

Cosmic dust survives massive red supernova explosion

All we are is cosmic dust in the wind. When dying red giant stars throw off material, dust particles form; those particles are later destroyed by supernova blast waves, which move through space at more than 6,000 miles per second, according to NASA. Supernova explosions are among the most powerful events in the universe and […]

Hubble telescope spots insane storms on Uranus, Neptune

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shared new photos of Neptune and Uranus, revealing some of the latest mysteries plaguing the ice giant planets. The pictures released Thursday pleased space enthusiasts who described the scenes as “spectacular” and “fascinating.” Many wanted to know what exactly was causing a giant white cap to “swirl” over Uranus’ north pole […]

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