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Valve removes over 100 Steam profiles praising New Zealand mosque shooter

Valve has removed over 100 profiles from the popular gaming platform Steam after users glorified the suspected New Zealand mosque shooter, according to reports. Some of the pages removed used the name and photo of Australian white nationalist and accused mass murderer Brenton Tarrant, Kotaku reported. One profile that was removed featured a GIF of […]

Apple unveils new iPads ahead of streaming service launch

Apple, in a surprise move on Monday, launched a new 10.5-inch iPad Air and updated its iPad Mini ahead of a March 25 event where it is expected to launch a television and video service. So far in its annual March event, Apple has been making announcements related upgrades for its product lines, but this […]

Meteor that exploded over Earth was ‘stronger than Hiroshima bomb’

If a massive meteor explodes above Earth and there are no iPhones to capture it on video, did it really happen? Lindley Johnson, a planetary defense officer for NASA, told the BBC on Sunday that a historic asteroid exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere in December that had 10 times the energy than the Hiroshima atomic […]

Facebook says it can’t find enough local news for users

Facebook’s effort to establish a service that provides its users with local news and information is being hindered by the lack of outlets where the company’s technicians can find original reporting. The service, launched last year, is currently available in some 400 cities in the United States. But the social media giant said it has […]

Facebook says it can’t find enough local news after helping kill local news

Facebook, which has been blamed for killing local newspapers, is now confirming that there aren’t enough of them to supply its users with the local news they want to read. Last year, the giant social network headed by Mark Zuckerberg launched a service called “Today In” that’s now available in 400 cities across the US. […]

Tel Aviv sets up LED lights to combat ‘smartphone zombies’

TEL AVIV, Israel — Tel Aviv has taken a small step toward protecting the lives of “smartphone zombies.” The municipality has installed special LED sidewalk lights at a busy crosswalk to alert distracted pedestrians staring at their phones when they can walk and when they should stop. Tomer Dror, head of the traffic management division […]

Experts weigh in on social media responsibility in wake of New Zealand attacks

Voices weigh in on the responsibility of social media companies after an anti-Muslim gunman killed 49 people in New Zealand — and livestreamed the massacre on Facebook. Profit over safety, decency The killer depended on the “passive incompetence” of social media platforms like Facebook who “have concentrated on maximizing revenue, not protecting safety or decency,” […]

Your phone’s snooze button is bad for your mental health, says expert

Apple is being urged to scrap the snooze button iPhones as experts warn the feature can be “detrimental” to your mental health. The open letter – sent to Apple’s London HQ on World Sleep Day – is the latest in a series of warnings against relying on alarms to wake up in the morning. Eve […]

Most Americans are still afraid of self-driving cars

When it comes to the safety of self-driving cars, reports of traffic accidents, like the one in early 2018 involving an Uber self-driving car that struck and killed a women in Arizona, are still extremely sporadic and far from the norm. Nevertheless, such crashes (which at times produce a fatality) may be the reason that […]

Therapists explore virtual reality to help patients

It seems like virtual reality is everywhere these days – even the doctor’s office! The technology behind V.R. can put you in the world of fantasy, space, or even the post-apocalypse if you want. But now a group of therapists is proving the imaginary spaces don’t have to be gaming related – and the technology […]

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