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Massive asteroid with its own moon set to fly by Earth

Most space rocks that pass nearby Earth are solo travelers making their way around the sun and slipping past our planet as they do so. Asteroid 1999 KW4, which will make a distant pass of Earth on May 25th, is quite a bit different. The large primary body of the object is thought to be […]

NASA will send your name to Mars with the 2020 Rover

Mars 2020 is shaping up nicely. NASA recently revealed that its rover-hauling spacecraft is essentially complete and currently undergoing testing — well ahead of its July 2020 launch window — and it’s now accepting names of hopeful Mars “travelers” who want to get in on the action. No, you can’t actually go to Mars — […]

Chinese man guilty of sending 1,500 fake iPhones to Apple in warranty fraud

SALEM, Ore. — Over the span of two years, a Chinese national in Oregon sent devices that looked like iPhones to Apple, saying they wouldn’t turn on and should be replaced under warranty. He didn’t just submit a couple of the devices — he delivered in person or shipped to Apple around 3,000 of them. […]

Why you should never use phone charging stations at airports

You’re waiting at the airport, your phone vibrates in your hand — but it’s not a text. “Low Battery — 20 percent of battery remaining” pops up on your screen. Your charger is wrapped up in your check-in luggage, and the last thing you want to do is fork out airport prices for a new […]

Nonprofits using cryptocurrency to help needy Venezuelans

BARQUISIMETO, Venezuela — Andreina Cordero started the year skipping meals so her three kids could eat. Her husband, a construction worker, was out of a job. And the family’s savings had been devastated by the nation’s hyperinflation, limiting Cordero’s children to a diet of rice, beans, pasta and fried corn patties. But the family got […]

Scientists create video game to help elderly drivers stay safe

A video game that makes elderly motorists safer on the roads has been developed by scientists. The simple technique requires only a set-top box and a TV — and for users to play regularly. The game called Cognitive Training for Car Driving (CTCD) comes at a time when the number of older car drivers worldwide […]

AI voice assistants fuel sexist gender stereotypes: UN study

Hey Siri, is this sexist? A new study from the United Nations says that female AI assistants reinforce harmful gender stereotypes. Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa all come with female voices, though most offer the choice of switching to a male voice setting. The UN report states that when asked, […]

Google’s new AI is better at detecting lung cancer than doctors

Science fiction has taught us to fear the inevitable rise of digital brains and while it’s true that handing too much power to machines of our own creation could end badly, AI is proving itself to be an incredible tool for improving lives. The New York Times reports that one such AI, built by Google, […]

Popular anti-groping app in Japan yells ‘Stop!’ at harassers

TOKYO — A smartphone app developed by Japanese police is being widely downloaded by women trying to protect themselves from gropers on packed rush-hour trains. The “Digi Police” app was originally issued by Tokyo police three years ago, but a function to scare off molesters was only added a few months ago. Since then, the […]

AI assistants like Siri and Alexa spread sexism, UN study reveals

Voice-activated personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are reinforcing and spreading sexism, according to a recent United Nations study. The feminine-voiced AI helpers, which also include Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana, perpetuate the harmful gender stereotype that women are subservient and tolerate being treated poorly, the report from UNESCO found. “Because the speech […]

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