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Trump rips AOC, calls de Blasio’s skyscraper plan ‘crazy’

President Trump slammed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” and called Mayor de Blasio’s plan to ban glass skyscrapers “crazy,” in an interview on Fox News Thursday night. Responding to a question from Sean Hannity, Trump first attacked a proposal by de Blasio to would introduce a local bill to forbid new glass-fronted skyscrapers in […]

Trump takes aim at Strzok, Page texts: ‘It’s a coup’

President Trump reacted with anger to reports that text messages between two FBI officials in the days after his 2016 presidential victory may show “irregularities” in how the Russia investigation began, calling it evidence of a “coup.” Trump made the statement during a phone interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News Friday night while responding […]

Sister of Sri Lanka bombing mastermind hopes ‘he is dead’

One of the purported masterminds of the Sri Lanka Easter suicide bombings that killed hundreds hasn’t been confirmed dead — but his sister sure hopes he is. “It’s unbearable to know what has happened,” said Mohomed Hashim Madaniya, sister of alleged attack architect Zahran Hashim, to Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror newspaper on Thursday. “I don’t […]

Donald Trump slams Joe Biden as ‘not the brightest bulb’

President Trump blasted former Vice President Joe Biden in a television interview on Fox News Thursday, calling him “not the brightest light bulb.” Trump made the attack during an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show, hours after Biden announced he would enter the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. “I’ve known Joe over the years. He’s not the […]

Mom spends three nights in jail due to clerical error

An upstate mother spent three nights in jail due to a “clerical error” on an arrest warrant, which was supposed to be for her ex-boyfriend — after he allegedly failed to pay child support for their two sons, a report says. “I just missed three days of my life, plus Easter with my children,” said […]

Los Angeles universities quarantine students over measles outbreak

Dozens of people at two universities in Los Angeles have been quarantined due to the recent nationwide measles outbreak, officials said on Thursday. The campuses of UCLA and Cal State have ordered the quarantine of people who were exposed to the measles and could not provide evidence that they have been immunized against the disease, […]

Ilhan Omar complained to Jack Dorsey about Trump tweet

Rep. Ilhan Omar spoke to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on the phone this week and demanded to know why the social media platform hadn’t deleted a tweet from President Trump that she said incited violence against her. The Twitter boss called Omar on Tuesday to talk about the presidential tweet, which shared a provocative video […]

Migrants more likely to be denied asylum since Trump took office

Immigrants who come to the country seeking asylum are having a harder time being granted amnesty since President Trump took office, new data shows. A total of 68 percent of immigrants who applied for asylum nationwide have been denied so far in 2019 and the numbers in the city have more than doubled since four […]

Suspect’s freaky mugshot goes viral again

This Ohio woman’s spooky mug continues to haunt police precincts. Alyssa Zebrasky, who is from Canfield, made headlines again with her full-face tattoo Tuesday when she was arrested for the third time in six months, news station WFTV reported. The 27-year-old was taken into custody on a charge issued out of Mahoning County. Further details […]

Sri Lankan government misidentifies Maryland woman as terror suspect

A Maryland woman who once wrote a book decrying anti-Muslim bias was mistakenly identified by the Sri Lankan government as a suspect in that country’s Easter suicide bombings that left hundreds dead. “I have this morning been FALSELY identified by the Sri Lankan government as one of the ISIS Easter attackers in Sri Lanka,” wrote […]

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