In Jackson’s lawsuit filing against Hansen, Jackson lists his two children as participants, which he did not do in the filing against Sulzbach. It’s unclear if the lawsuit is directly linked to Hansen’s Washington visit, his YouTube series or something else entirely. Hansen had not been served and couldn’t comment on the suit since he hadn’t seen it yet.

Sulzbach has nearly 700,000 subscribers on his Repzion YouTube channel and has posted more than 50 videos about Jackson over the 11 years of his channel’s existence. Sulzbach has hired a criminal attorney and denied a request for comment from Voice News until after the court date.

In March of 2019, Sulzbach released a video on his Repzion channel claiming that Jackson had threatened to sue him if he didn’t remove his videos directed at Onision. The last correspondence Sulzbach had with Jackson was an email sent over the summer, thanking Sulzbach for not including photos of his children in said videos. Sulzbach has been served and also lives in Washington State.

Jackson has a long history of controversial content on and off YouTube. The three Onision YouTube channels have more than five million subscribers, and his videos still pull in tens of thousands of views each. In recent years, multiple women including Billie Dawn Webb and Canadian Singer Shiloh have come forward to share their stories involving Jackson. In an exclusive interview with Newsweek, Sarah shared her story alledging Jackson and Kai “groomed” her from the age of 16 to eventually have sex when she turned 18.

In November of 2019, Jackson’s Patreon was removed after he doxxed the phone number of Billie Dawn Webb. On January 15, Jackson’s Twitch was temporarily suspended though it is unclear why.

At the time of publication, Jackson was unreachable for comment by Newsweek. Emails sent to his account returned an automated reply advising “to speak to Onision, please sign up” to his special access YouTube channel for $4.99 a month. Calls to his phone have also gone unanswered.


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